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Why Lime Light?

Exponential Growth Through Affiliate Marketing and Subscription Commerce

You’re An Ecommerce Pioneer

Pushing the envelope and testing out the newest techniques and technologies.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

You may have heard that affiliate marketing is an extremely reliable and predictable way to acquire new customers. You may have already begun to experiment with using Affiliate Network advertisers to bring traffic into your business. If you’ve already been experimenting with Affiliates, you’ll understand that the Affiliate Marketing channel requires a sophisticated analytic approach and a way to manage some of the complexity and risk that affiliates bring to your business.

Why Subscription Ecommerce?

You may also have heard that subscriptions are the most scalable way to create recurring revenue and that there are hundreds of moving parts to just delivering your products to your customers. You may also have come to realize that integration and automation are the solution for managing the complexity of handling a lot of customers at scale. You may have created a home-grown solution or you may be using a general-purpose CRM system with a lot of custom scripts.

You’re Ready for Continuity Commerce

Subscription Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing together comprise the most powerful and reliable way to create exponential revenue growth for an ecommerce company. This combination is so powerful that Lime Light software as a company is dedicated to this combination and enabling ecommerce entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) to adopt it. We call this combination Continuity Commerce. Request A Demo >

We Are Continuity Commerce

Lime Light is the only solution on the market purpose-built for Continuity Commerce

Continuity Commerce requires a backend infrastructure that is purpose-built. This unique business model has special requirements for security, risk management, scalability, rebilling and many others. More than just a business model, Continuity Commerce requires a set of analytic tools and quantitative business culture that understand which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) matter the most. And if you intend to pursue Continuity Commerce, you owe it to yourself to try the solution that was purpose-built from inception to solve the unique problems of this space.

Founded in 2008, we started building core transaction execution and processing functions designed specifically for the affiliate marketer, now defined within the subscription ecommerce segment. Spanning the entire value chain, linking where your customers come from with the details of processing and support, we deliver the intelligence you need to acquire customers, process transactions, manage risk, and improve your bottom line.

With a team of engineers, data scientists, and seasoned entrepreneurs with backgrounds in performance marketing, mobile payments, and enterprise technology, we’re excited to work with our global clients who push us to take our solution to the next level.