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FlexPay is an integrated partner with LimeLight. FlexPay uses machine learning driven AI for statistic-based decline salvage and risk balancing strategies. 

In this webinar, you'll hear directly from FlexPay's Founder and CEO, Darryl Hicks. 

You'll learn:

• How FlexPay works to reduce your credit card declines

• Real-world client success stories

• Use cases and best practices 

The days of "one size fits all" are dead. Customers today expect customization. But you can't create personalized content, services, or products if you don't understand your customers' needs... which is why we created a new tool called Segments!

You'll learn 3 ways to segment your customers:

• Targeting prospects

• Targeting most profitable customers (highest CLTV)

• Targeting least satisfied customers (highest churn)

Plus we'll share examples of how to leverage cohorts to deliver personalization at scale. 

To acquire and retain more customers, you need to deliver the right offer, to the right person, at the right time. 

In this webinar, you'll learn all the different ways you could be selling, and the offers the most successful eCommerce companies are delivering, that you can be leveraging.

• 16 highly successful offer types and use cases for each

• Best practices when creating your offers 

• The key metrics to track, to gather insights into your offers

See a LIVE demo of LimeLight's FlexBilling and FlexOffers, which enable you to create personalized offers in minutes – no custom code required.

Kount is an integrated partner with LimeLight. Kount's patented machine learning technology analyzes transactions to stop fraud and increase revenue for online businesses, merchants, and payment service providers.

This is a 6 part webinar series with Kount that covers:

• The state of Card Not Present fraud

• The 9 deadly costs of fraud

• Tackling checkout abandonment

• Mobile payments and fraud

• 3 mobile strategies that boost financial returns

• 5 strategies for fighting fraud and chargebacks

Many businesses set business goals, but fail to achieve them... that's because: what gets MEASURED gets done. 

Director of Analytics, Chad Buckendahl, will show you how to measure progress towards your goals with LimeLight's newest feature: Benchmarks. Plus, guest speaker – Marc Evans from HaloRiver will share success stories using Benchmarks! 


• What KPIs are and why they're critical to your business

• Which KPIs are best for your billing model 

• Best practices for monitoring and managing your KPIs

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