transaction select

Transaction Select

Don’t Pay For Customers That Are Going To Cost You Money

Screen out risky customer profiles by setting customer and BIN risk profiles per campaign. Strengthen your MIDS and select higher quality traffic by avoiding in-trial cancellations, chargebacks, and refunds with this intelligent data-driven service.

Big Data Analytics

Take advantage of a large-scale platform with LimeLight’s intelligent data.  Powered by real results by aggregating data across the industry and continuously adapting to ever-changing ecommerce consumer behaviors.

Customized Risk Profiles

Customize your risk levels to fit your business. Set customized risk profiles per campaign. Choose from 6 unique measures across Customer & BIN Profiles in the LimeLight platform. It’s your business – set up Transaction Select to work for you.

Strengthen your MIDs

Drive higher quality traffic to your business by screening against in-trial cancellations, chargebacks, and refunds. Healthier Merchant Accounts means a more sustainable business that can scale efficiently.

Impact on Conversion Rates = None

A lightning fast 250-millisecond response rate. Don’t worry, we won’t slow you down. Keep your conversion rates high and your chargebacks low.