Reporting and Analytics

Accelerate your eCommerce business with easy access to the metrics that matter.

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Dashboards and data visualizations

Quick access to over 20 views into the trends that help you understand the health of your business and your customer lifecycle.

Keep your finger on the pulse with realtime visualizations of MRR, P&L, Cycle Analysis, Rebill Rates, and Active Subscription forecasting.

Sophisticated segmentation and filtering

Drill down into individual dashboards with filtering based on traffic source, channels, verticals, campaigns, or custom Smart Tags.

Easily segment key metrics like LTV, COGS, eCPA, Churn Rate and more to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.

You control your data

Easily export any data from our platform to a .CSV file for further analysis or for integration with your own custom reporting.

Or use our integrations for marketing automation and prospect follow-up to act intelligently based on the data we collect.

Subscriptions Dashboard

Understand how well your subscription business is retaining customers.

  • Key overarching metrics: Recurring Rate, Cycle Analysis, Cancelations, Refunds, Returns, Declines, etc.
  • Detailed cycle level analysis
  • Forecast of Active Subscriptions

Affiliate Analysis Dashboard

Get a snapshot of the value of each of your acqusition channels.

  • Analyze affiliates based on early (Fraud, In-Trial Cancel) and late (CLTV, Refunds, Recurring Rate, Chargebacks) quality indicators
  • Monitor and understand key measures to improve profitability

Order Analysis Dashboard

Get a quick 360 degree summary of your business health.

  • Overview of key business metrics (Orders, Gross Revenue, Net Profit, Chargeback Rate, Lifetime Value)
  • Identify trends, then drill down to find their causes.
  • Drill down to the specific customer or transaction level

P&L Dashboard

Drill down into the trends impacting your profits.

  • Filter Profit and Loss by Campaign, Channel, Vertical, Product, Country or Smart Tag
  • Drill down into Gross and Net Revenue, Profit per Customer, and Total Expenses metrics