Payment Gateway

Accept payments directly with the LimeLight Gateway

Seamlessly accept secure payments across multiple devices with the LimeLight Gateway.  Built for multiple MID, recurring billing businesses making it easy and efficient for you to process transactions where and how your customers expect.  Already working with a gateway? We have over 150 payment gateway partners integrated into the LimeLight platform.  

PCI Level 1 compliance

Being PCI compliant is not only smart it is a must for any ecommerce business. The LimeLight gateway is the gold standard of compliance.  We ensure merchants are compliant and protecting you, your business and your customer’s data.


In-house payment gateway with 10+ years of expertise in payment processing. We’ve tracked fraudsters and keep up with their tricks so you don’t have to.

Enhanced reporting  features

Detailed reporting features enable you to get insight into transactions and keep tabs on your campaigns and commissions.