Anti-Fraud Services

Protect Your Business Against Fraud

As your business grows, you experience an increase in fraudulent transactions. With our Anti-Fraud Services, we combine the talent of our fraud specialists with the power of Kount, the industry leader in anti-fraud for an exclusive service. With our managed service, our Lime Light team will create and manage an Anti-Fraud strategy specific to your business needs. With an average of 20% reduction in chargebacks, it’s not a question of if, but when.

anti-fraud services

Expert Management

We’ll Manage Your Account For You. Setting up Anti-Fraud rules that are specific to your business is time-consuming and should be left to professionals – let our Anti-Fraud Specialist personally setup your account with you. Every business is different and anti-fraud “best practices” probably aren’t going to cut it.

Partnered with Kount

Kount is an industry leading service provider and that’s why we work with them. Listen to the experts and take advantage of the best in the business.

Lower Chargeback Rates

It’s simple – if you can better identify fraudulent transactions, you’ll save a ton of money on customers who aren’t going to bring value. Sell your products to people who truly want them and reduce the unnecessary chargebacks on your merchant account.