Online Services

Focus on your customers not on managing your business.

Whether you are running a SaaS software business or any other recurring online service you know that supporting your customers with flexible subscription models and new products is the key to reduce churn and grow revenue.  Your business demands an end-to-end enterprise-class ecommerce business platform tuned to your needs and built for cloud scalability.

Lime Light’s Continuity Commerce platform combines ecommerce subscription rebilling, transaction management and performance marketing all in one.  With out of the box access to over 300 partner integrations and advanced data analytics you have the overall health of your business at your fingertips.  You can easily manage refund rates, merchant chargebacks, customer churn, and overall marketing spend as well as run sophisticated affiliate quality benchmarking and P&L reports.

Engineer revenue growth and manage all your billing needs in one efficient platform.  Your customers will thank you.

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