Health and Fitness

With rapid advances in health and fitness, you can’t afford to leave managing your business to chance.

You are on top of the latest trends in health & fitness and require an enterprise-class platform that manages the overall health of your business with same care and attention.  At Lime Light, we cut our teeth on subscription ecommerce and built a platform with all the end-to-end features and sophisticated reporting your business demands.  We’ve combined subscription rebilling, transaction management and performance marketing into Lime Light’s  flexible, secure, and scalable Continuity Commerce Platform.  Easily manage recurring revenue, refund rates, merchant chargebacks, customer churn, and overall marketing spend as well as run sophisticated affiliate quality benchmarking and P&L reports.

You can run your business confidently, knowing that Lime Light’s out of the box features, and over 300+ partner integrations provide you with the tools to run your entire business and exponentially grow your revenue.

Consumers demand the best when it comes to their health & fitness.  They expect results and so should you.

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