Value Added Services Provided by LimeLight

LimeLight Value Added Services

Value Added Services Provided by LimeLight

LimeLight created Value Added Services (VAS) to ensure you have the best possible support to run your online business.

As an online merchant, LimeLight understands the challenges you often face, such as chargebacks, fraud, cart abandonment, declined payments, and more.

Each one of these challenges requires a significant amount of time and energy, as well as unique expertise if you really want to maximize revenue.

That’s why LimeLight has partnered with the top experts in the areas that we know you care about most.

These partnerships, combined with LimeLight’s powerful ecommerce platform and support, are what make up our Value Added Services.

The Value Added Services provided by LimeLight include:

Chargeback Alerts and Representments

Chargeback Alerts Representments LimeLight Chargebacks911

Avoid chargebacks. Recover lost revenue.

Chargebacks are costly and negatively affect your merchant ID (MID) health.

LimeLight’s chargeback alerts and resentments service is fully managed in partnership with Chargebacks911.

Let’s begin with Chargeback Alerts, powered by one of the largest industry leaders—Chargebacks911.

Chargeback Alerts (VMPI)

At a high-level, VMPI (Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry), reduces Visa chargebacks and hard counts.

Chargebacks911’s offering of VMPI is a new feature giving you the chance to stop chargebacks before they’re submitted.

With VMPI, it’s a no-brainer. The sooner you start using the service, the sooner you’ll begin to retain potentially lost revenue.

Enrolling in VMPI enables you to respond to a chargeback in the complaint stage. You can act in real-time, providing additional information such as shipping confirmation, cancellation number, or product name.

Chargebacks911 for Representments

Chargebacks911 fully managed service for Representments delivers a higher win-rate percentage and customized attention from trained chargeback professionals.

In fact, Chargebacks911 has the highest win-rate percentage in the industry: 80%.

The key benefit of having Representments is to recover revenue that’s been refunded or lost due to a chargeback.

Chargeback Representments can assist you in disputing a chargeback by gathering supporting documentation and other information to demonstrate that the transaction was completed properly.

If a transaction is confirmed, the issuer will reverse the chargeback and you will be refunded.

Lastly, a major benefit to having both Chargeback Alerts and Representments is that once a chargeback escalates to a Representment case, the record of a chargeback is preserved. Meaning even if a Representment case is won, the chargeback still counts against them.

Anti-Fraud Services

anti-fraud services LimeLight and Kount

Advanced fraud protection. Customized risk profiles.

You need solutions to protect your business from fraud while keeping conversion rates high to maintain profitable operations.

Everyone selling online will deal with some form of fraud at any given point in time. Fraud, unfortunately, is one of those things where it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when.”

LimeLight’s exclusive Anti-Fraud Services combine the talents of our fraud specialists with the industry-leading power of Kount in order to:

  • Reduce fraudulent transactions
  • Lower your chargeback rates
  • Increase your visibility to fraud

LimeLight’s anti-fraud service also includes a designated support representative providing on-going, active oversight of your rules, and ad hoc assistance or investigations as needed.

The value-added from utilizing LimeLight’s anti-fraud services is found in the numbers:

  • Average 3.2% impact on conversion
  • Average 89% accuracy
  • Average 22% reduction of chargebacks

Partial Monetization

partial monetization LimeLight and LiftLogic

Recover lost sales. Increase conversions.

For many merchants, it’s estimated that $4.6 trillion of revenue is left on the table due to cart abandonment.

To combat this loss, learning about how your margin compression (anything that makes a company’s costs rise or revenues to fall) can be offset by a good data monetization strategy.

This is why LimeLight is partnered with LiftLogic, the leading email remarketing solution that delivers customized emails to help you recover lost sales from cart abandonment.

With custom email drip campaigns, LimeLight’s Partial Monetization solution specializes in converting abandoned carts (or partials) to sales and cross-selling products to existing customers.

Using this service, it’s possible to expect a 5-15% increase in daily sales volume and revenue, at a significantly lower cost (CPA).

LiftLogic’s proprietary software solution and 20+ years of email and performance marketing experience enable them to achieve industry-leading rates of email delivery and engagement:

  • 30-40% open rates
  • Straight Sale: 5-8% click to conversion
  • Trial: 10-20% click to conversion
  • Revenue per partial abandonment: $0.75 – $1.50

The best part of this solution is there’s no work required from you. This solution is 100% managed end-to-end including; creative, delivery, monitoring, and analytics.

LiftLogic handles everything from mailing strategy, creative development, solving deliverability issues, analytics, and reporting.

Lastly, there’s no cost or risk to test this solution. The model is performance-based, so you only pay when you acquire a new customer.

Decline Salvage

Decline Salvage FlexPay and LimeLight

Minimize false declines. Maximize profits.

Online payments are declining at a horrendous rate and are likely costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On top of that, you need to worry about chargebacks, low approval rates, and high processing costs.

LimeLight’s partnership FlexPay addresses these everyday issues head-on.

FlexPay tackles false declines using its advanced machine learning technology to intelligently determine the best way to recover declined transactions.

Here are some highlights:

  • Recovers between 30-50% of declined transactions, generating a significant lift in revenue.
  • Machine learning identifies the best time, transit and testing process to handle your transactions
  • The capacity to deal with hundreds of millions of transactions and analyzes new information with every transaction.

FlexPay balances the risk of every transaction against its likelihood of being approved, so more of your transactions are approved while mitigating risk.

Lastly, by saving first transactions from declining, FlexPay improves your future transaction approval ratios from each customer.

Account Updater

Account Updater by LimeLight


Automatically update card information. Increase approval rates.

Account Updater reduces the risk of losing revenue by ensuring that card data on file is the most up to date and accurate.

Your customers’ cards expire all the time, which means the transactions decline (and don’t rebill). This causes a number of problems, most notably:

  • You’re losing money
  • Lower approval rates
  • Lower customer lifetime value (CLTV)

Account Updater helps to drive revenue that would have otherwise been lost due to a declined transaction, thus helping you maximize ROI. Some of the top benefits of using Account Updater service include:

  • Automatically update customer payment details and increase approval rates on recurring transactions
  • Convert declines to approvals
  • Reduce customer churn (increase CLTV)

Some data points to consider: On average, we see a typical Account Updater client update 3.6% of their existing subscriptions monthly, of which over 81% bill successfully.

Amazingly, 65% of the updates are for new credit card numbers, and only 35% are for new credit card expiration dates.

The bottom line, the average ROI from this value-added service is about 810%, and LimeLight has helped merchants drive more than $60M additional revenue.

We’re proud to share that Account Updater is exclusive to LimeLight. As we continue to optimize our platform to provide advanced reporting, we continue to bring you the services you need to take your business to the next level.

Taking advantage of LimeLight Value Added Services

At LimeLight, we’ve spent years developing the best possible partnerships for our clients.

If you’re not currently using these services to your advantage, we highly recommend doing so. Additionally, if you’re using another provider which already handles any of the challenges that LimeLight’s Value Added Services address, there’s a good chance our partnership offerings will provide more/additional value.

To learn more, speak to your designated Client Success Manager, or contact our support team with questions.