Top 11 Ecommerce Blogs Focused on Growth

top ecommerce blogs

At Lime Light, our Slack #IndustryNews channel is a critical part of our morning ritual.  We’ve compiled a feed of 50 top ecommerce blogs covering a wide-range of if industry news across subscription ecommerce, marketing, and SaaS. There is always something to discuss. Fifty is a bit of an unwieldy number so we’ve curated a list of must-read blogs [in no particular order] that are our current favorites.

These blogs are filled with practical information, tips, and resources. Topics range from SEO optimization, affiliate marketing, SEO optimization, omnichannel, chargebacks, regulation news and product reviews.  We hope you find this list helpful we sure do.

PPC Hero

This blog is written by the marketing team at the Hanapin Marketing Agency.   It is chock-full of practical PPC and marketing tips. They cover topics that are much broader than straight up SEO and paid advertising.  Their latest post is a great look at the impact AI and Machine Learning are having on paid advertising.  We always learn something new on the site.  Thank you team Hanapin.


Articles range from topics on privacy policies, Facebook lawsuits, and Google Adsense policy changes.  Reading the PaceDM site will keep you up to date on the latest industry news and ensure you are in the loop on the big issues.  We are glad that Pace decided to share his knowledge with all of us. They also take submissions – share your knowledge.

Share a Sale

This blog is a must read for staying on top of Affiliate Marketing.  Filled with practical tips and resources.  A timely latest post is their three-part series on Spring Cleaning for Merchants.

Kount Blog Against Fraud

The count team is not only a valued Lime Light partner, they are industry experts on anti-fraud services.  Reading their blog will keep you up to date and avoid scary hassles down the line that can impact revenue and growth.  Check out their latest post on how to perform an anti-fraud tune-up, to ensure your ecommerce engine is running smoothly.


Your go-to source for everything chargeback related.  Whether managing chargebacks, reducing risk or just getting started – they have great information.  Their Knowledge Center is top notch and the blog is full of the latest news and tips.  The latest post is a cautionary tale on the fiasco that happened at Fyre Festival and worth a read to understand how to plan ahead and improve customer service.

Card Not Present

An independent voice generating original news, information, education, and inspiration for and about the companies and people operating in the card-not-present space.  In their own words, “Our only product is information”.  Their daily news and coverage are both broad and deep.  With coverage on payments, fraud, security and reports on economic trends they cover all the bases.  A recent article on Card Testing reported that this particle trend in ecommerce fraud has grown 200% in the first quarter of 2017 alone. Well worth a read.


DigitalMarketer is a provider of training, coaching and certification in digital marketing.  The DigitalMarketer blog publishes case studies and “how to” articles about what’s working right now in digital marketing. The site offers a ton of free tools, plans, and tips on building a successful marketing and sales engine. Pop one of their podcasts into your feed and learn on the fly [Website Tweaks to Generate Sales] or watch their discussion on “What’s working in ecommerce?“.  Digital marketing beginners and veterans alike will find valuable resources and training at DigitalMarketer.

HubSpot Marketing Blog

A juggernaut platform for inbound marketing, Hubspot takes a lot of care to develop great content for sales and marketing teams. It’s in their interest to create smart marketers and their content reflects their expertise.  We love their blog – always a good takeaway.  Download their ebook on Optimizing Landing pages for some practical advice for your next campaign

Subscription Insider

News, case studies, research –  basically a great one-stop shop for advice on the Subscription business.  In their words, “practical advice of dozens of experts who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ – from creating quality content, choosing the right technology and tools, to marketing, selling, pricing, positioning, expanding your audience, converting customers and growing customer loyalty.” They are a membership organization but there is plenty of free info on their site.   They always have a POV versus just reporting the news.  For instance, their latest piece on Amazon’s digital subscription service calls it like they see it.

Tom Tunguz

At first glance, this blog may seem a bit far afield – but if you want to understand the SaaS business and data and have an ear to what a smart VC in Silicon Valley is thinking about this blog is a must read.  Tom is a partner at Redpoint who invests in Saas companies and writes daily data-driven blog posts about key questions facing startups.  If you’re a data junky you can also check out his book, Winning with Data.


David Skok and the team at Matrix Partners are smart and knowledgeable.  They’ve built, or are on the boards of companies that include Zendesk, Occulus, HubSpot,  This is blog is a must-read for anyone who wants practical advice on Saas metrics, Sales, and Marketing.  Start here

We think this is a pretty good list, but I’m sure there are great marketing and ecommerce blogs that we may have missed.  Send us your recommendations on Twitter and we’ll be sure to include in a follow-up post.

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