Account Updater: Automated Rebill Success

4% of rebills are updated, with 79% successfully billed – Lime Light Account Updater

Keeping your customer details current can become one of the biggest headaches when shipping products on a recurring billing model. Subscriptions are great for increasing customer lifetime value, but they can be difficult to manage if the customer credit and debit card details are continuously declining.

Why am I getting so many credit card declines? What is the reason my customers card is declining?

We know you need more visibility into your declines, especially on rebills. Rebills are where you make up for your heavy discounts or risk free trials on the first order – so its important to keep declines low, and rebills consistent and reliable. There are a number of ways to try and decipher your data to better understand your declining rebills, but its cumbersome and inaccurate to say the least.

Account Updater is a VISA and Mastercard-led effort to bring detailed data to merchants on customer activity they can see. The best part – Account Update is automatic and updates credit card details without any daily management from your team.

  • Cards reported as lost or stolen
  • Expired cards
  • Card number changes
  • Movement from VISA – Mastercard within a bank

At Lime Light, we have an advanced Account Updater, taking it a step further with analytics. A easy-to-read dashboard full of the metrics you want to track – assess what rebills and credit card updates means for your bottom line. How much revenue are you missing out on by not having account updater? Based on our analytics engine, we can tell you.

Why have Account Updater? – because you’re crazy if you don’t. It decreased declines, works seamlessly within the platform, and drives revenue that would have otherwise been lost.

The longer you wait, the more you’re losing. Rebill smarter with Account Updater.