Why you need an outsourced fulfillment center for your subscription ecommerce business

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Chad Buckendahl is Lime Light ‘s Director of Analytics. But he wasn’t always a Product Manager; he used to run an ecommerce outsourced fulfillment center. Because of this experience, he has a lot to share about best practices and why you need a fulfillment center for your ecommerce business.

Chad points out,

“We all want to make more money right? And we don’t want a lot of hassles. I’m going to spare you a lot of hassle right now by explaining why you need an outsourced Fulfillment Center”.

Fulfillment is one area of your business that you just can’t do yourself. It’s a staffing issue. Let’s say that you have a business with one hundred orders today, but tomorrow you have one hundred thousand orders. It’s not possible to staff for that. A fulfillment center is built to staff to a level that that can scale very quickly.

When I ran my own fulfillment business, we had a core staff of about fifty employees on board to pack orders. However, because of the elastic nature of fulfillment, it was possible that, if just one or two customers had a great day of orders, we could very quickly have a huge spike in orders. When that happened, we would bring in an extra fifty temps, and go from fifty employees to one hundred employees in one day and then just as quickly scale back down. You want a well-oiled machine to deal with the organic nature of fulfillment. It is not a staffing issue that you should or want to deal with.

An outsourced fulfillment center should be a vital partner ensuring you can scale and grow your business on your terms. A little bit of homework upfront can save you a lot of hassle in the future by ensuring you don’t leave any potential money on the table.

LimeLight integrates with over 40 fulfillment center partners, enabling you to develop a robust fulfillment partner strategy without being locked into any vendor.

To find out more about these product integrations, consult the links below which will take you to our product integration portal page for that vendor.

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