Learn how you can increase net profit by 10%, when you increase decline salvage — Case Study


Learn how you can increase net profit by 10%, when you increase decline salvage — Case Study

FlexPay is LimeLight’s preferred partner with industry leading AI tools to help you recover up to 60% of your declined transactions.

Recovering this revenue improves profitability of your paid traffic (LTV:CAC), and additionally stabilizes the LTV of your acquired customer by keeping them engaged with your brand for months to come. 

LimeLight is excited to share this case study from one of FlexPay’s nutraceutical direct marketers, and how they helped them see a 99.3% improvement on their decline salvage.

Discover how they:

  • Learned every failed recovery was costing them money
  • Saved costs by improving declined transaction recovery and approval ratio
  • Improved performance recovery for fresh and aged declinesAdded $10.5M to company market valuation
  • Dramatically improved cash flow


FlexPay balances the risk of every transaction against its likelihood of being approved so more of your transactions are approved while mitigating risks. Using statistically strong machine learning to understand – best time, transit (processing account to use) and testing.

Its industry leading tech stack has the capacity to manage hundreds of millions of transactions every month to collect and analyze information gained from every new transaction

Your LimeLight Client Success Manager can review your Decline Salvage revenue opportunities and organize a strategic plan to recover lost revenue.  

No time like today to get started with our Value-Added Service: Decline Salvage via our partner Flexpay.io, simply reach out to your designated Client Success Manager or contact our support team.