BACKBURNER: 2 Surprising Things You Can Learn From Transactional Data

BACKBURNER: 2 Surprising Things You Can Learn From Transactional Data

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Chad Buckendahl is Lime Light ‘s Product Manager. He has the opportunity to a unique insight on

Customer Churn

I like to geek out on customer data. At first pass, customer churn seems like a pretty simple and straightforward concept.  But once you dig a bit deeper it gets pretty interesting. There’s some pretty intensive formulas that we use at Limelight to produce our customer churn report. A person just off the street is not going to be able to produce that kind of report.  If I was a customer evaluating an ecommerce solution, I would look at that and say that’s great information that I don’t think I could produce myself.

Customer Lifetime Value

Then you look at metrics we pull for CLV – where you can look at a report and understand at any moment what the customer value is that a specific affiliate brought to you.  At the end of the day  that is what it’s all about for eighty percent of these guys and gals –  they want to know is this new affiliate that I brought on ramping ramping up really well are they are bringing me a quality customer or are they bringing in garbage. With LL analytics you can get that at a simple click and understand exactly where that affiliate is affiliate is falling down or where they are really helping you.   

We have thirteen report types out of the box. Each one of them has appeal to probably at least one person within an organization. But if I had to pick the most critical reports I would choose the profit loss, customer churn, and BIN reports.  I think anyone within an organization can look at those and be like wow these are special reports that give me a real handle on my business.