Affiliate Traffic Quality

Industry Benchmarks

We’re often asked about measuring affiliate quality and other industry benchmarks.  We pulled together these benchmarks from over $2.5 billion of transactions and gathered them into this infographic for you to download and keep handy next time you kick-off a new campaign.  To dig in a bit deeper check out our blog post on Evaluating Affiliate Quality

Download Affiliate Traffic Quality Infographic

affiliate quality benchmarks

Webinar: Analytics–Measuring Affiliates

Lime Light Analytics Webinar Part 1: How to Evaluate Affiliate Quality

This webinar series hosted by LimeLight’s Director of Analytics, Chad Buckendahl, Product Manager Greg Austin, and Marketing Manager, Matthew Abdalah, will help you master the power of the LimeLight Platform.

Chad will talk about how leveraging each one of these reports provides valuable insight into your business.

You’ll learn:
  • The indicators for measuring affiliate quality throughout the lifecycle of the campaign
  • Deconstruct the math of affiliate CLTV
  • How to get the most of Lime Light Analytics to determine affiliate quality


Lime Light’s Director of Analytics, Chad Buckendahl

As a performance marketer, you’re likely using affiliates to drive your customer acquisition strategy at scale. Affiliates deliver your products and services to thousands and sometimes even millions of eyeballs across the web. With the high volume of conversions they deliver, it’s important to be able to evaluate the quality of those conversions to protect your business. Affiliates vary on the quality of their performance, so we’ve created the functionality to analyze their impact in Analytics.

In this webinar, our Director of Analytics Chad Buckendahl and Product Manager Greg Austin dive deep into how to analyze the performance of your Affiliates and the quality of the traffic their bringing.

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Webinar: Analytics-- How to Evaluate Affiliate Quality

Watch the entire series

Part 1: How to Evaluate Affiliate Quality
Part 2: P&L Reporting in Analytics
Part 3: Customer Attrition – Are you heading for disaster or fields of Gold?
Part 4: Using BIN Intelligence to Make More Money