Affiliate marketing expert eric dyck

As Affiliate World Asia draws nearer, we wanted to have a conversation with an affiliate marketing expert and Affiliate World Conferences veteran. So we talked to Eric Dyck, Founder and CEO of iStack Training to learn his opinions on affiliate marketing for beginners and experts, as well as how to make the most out of AWAsia.

1: What is the biggest mistake people make when they are first getting into affiliate marketing?

There are lots of small mistakes you can make that can cost a lot of money. Things like tracker setup and budget caps. But the biggest mistake is probably not thinking about what you’re doing as a long-term business. You can make some quick-hit cash doing lots of grey or blackhat things online, but this approach is getting harder and harder. Think about affiliate marketing like your career and work towards building something with sustainable and saleable value.

2: Once people have gotten the ball rolling and are profitable, what’s the next step to “kick it up to the next level” and become an affiliate marketing expert?

First you have to get a sense of how scalable your operation is. If you’ve followed my advice above, then hopefully it’s scalable. Try taking your formula of success and trying it on new placements, geos or traffic sources. And then generally, I’d say it’s super important to find a community of like minded people who you can network with. I can’t stress how important joining Facebook groups, attending events (like Facebook Mastery Live), and building your personal network is to finding success in this industry.

3: What is the difference between “regular” affiliate marketing and affiliate media buying? What would you say are the biggest differences between what most people know as e-commerce affiliate programs, and the true affiliate industry?

Honestly, the biggest difference I can see is the way each industry thinks about its customer. For Affiliate Media Buyers, they don’t really think about the customer, not in a long-term sense. Affiliate Media buying is like a game, it’s basic arbitrage, and once you convert a user, you don’t really think about them again. Whereas in eCommerce cultivating, closing, and extending the life of your consumers is of paramount importance.

4: You run an online affiliate marketing course at iStack. What can you learn from taking an online class that you can’t learn from googling around?

Lots. The Facebook Master Class is filled with up to the minute, leading-edge tactics for building audiences, scaling campaigns, building creatives, and lots more. You can use FB Blueprint (their own product) to learn all the basics, but our course covers more precise strategies, tactics and especially hacks.  It’s basically the culmination of everything Adbaker (our partner, a leading German FB performance agency) has learned over the past 3 years while growing. We’ve had the content vetted by lots of experts and each says that it’s top notch.

5: What’s your best advice for getting the most out of Affiliate World Asia?

I really suggest throwing yourself out there. Make friends, be outgoing, put yourself into social situations at every opportunity. These events are filled with such amazing energy and potential, you just have to be actively trying to tap into it by putting yourself out there. There are also some post-AWA events you can go to, including my event Facebook Mastery Live on Dec 8th, the STM Island Party on the 9th, then iStack’s private Facebook Ads mastermind (Facebook Elite Retreat) on Dec 10-12.

Our thanks to Eric for letting us pick his brain. We’ll see you at Affiliate World Asia! (Book time with us here.)