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A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email may not be as sexy as Instagram, but what does every Instagram user have to create an account? An email address. Every consumer’s digital identity is tied to an email address. That’s why email, despite being decades-old technology, remains one of the most powerful marketing channels today. Here, we’ll give a step-by-step breakdown of […]

Ecommerce Subscription Sales: A Deep Dive into All the Benefits

The ecommerce landscape is impossibly vast and international in scope, and no business can ignore the enormous potential that online sales can have for their bottom line. The rise of Digitally Native Vertical Businesses is a testament to the fact that being strictly offline is hardly an option in today’s retail climate. There are different […]

How We Improve Your Subscription-Based ECommerce Store

To the average consumer, most ecommerce stores may appear to be more or less alike on first glance: shoppers put products in a cart, enter their payment information, and soon they’ll receive the product in the mail.   But ecommerce businesses know that behind the scenes there is another story entirely.   Today, the subscription […]

What if you could recoup 30-60% of your declined credit card transactions?

Four years ago, in August 2015, Javelin Research reported that 1.9 billion online and telephone transactions were falsely declined every year, representing $118 billion in lost revenue for merchants.  In a 2019 report, MasterCard revealed that the false-decline problem has since tripled in size, now costing merchants $320 billion annually. What is a false decline? […]

3 Ways to Get Started with Instagram Marketing

Currently there are more than one billion active monthly Instagram accounts worldwide, and 500 million of those are active every day. Moreover, 80 percent of accounts follow at least one business, making the social platform an extremely powerful marketing channel for brands. Instagram should be a key component of every brand’s social strategy. While most […]

Learn how you can increase net profit by 10%, when you increase decline salvage — Case Study

FlexPay is LimeLight’s preferred partner with industry leading AI tools to help you recover up to 60% of your declined transactions. Recovering this revenue improves profitability of your paid traffic (LTV:CAC), and additionally stabilizes the LTV of your acquired customer by keeping them engaged with your brand for months to come.  LimeLight is excited to […]

Don’t Accept Chargebacks as a Cost of Doing Business

Selling online is a fast-growing, and booming industry. With an increase of approximately $500 billion by the end of 2019 in online sales will come the complexities of processing all these transactions.  An often-overlooked aspect of ecommerce today is the multifaceted and ever-changing ways in which fraud can put a company at risk, as well […]

Total Chargeback Protection with Representments

As a best practice, merchants take every precaution and rely on tools to prevent chargebacks from happening. But when you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of customers, processing thousands to millions of dollars in revenue, even the best of merchants get chargebacks.  Managing chargebacks is an important part of business profitability. The negative impacts on […]

Understanding the New Mastercard Regulations for Free Trial Continuity Merchants

Announcement —July 2019 If you’re an online seller offering a free-trial introductory offer for you product subscriptions? Due to new MasterCard regulations, you’re likely storing customer consent to re-bill. For many sellers, this costs upwards of $0.50 per stored customer consent. At LimeLight we’ve spent the last 6 months optimizing our platform to ensure sellers […]

How to Calculate Monthly Recurring Revenue

Understanding your subscription business revenue If you run a subscription business, or have any form of recurring billing, MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is a critical metric to track.  It’s the lifeblood of your company, and one of the key reasons we all love subscription models – the “recurring” in Monthly Recurring Revenue is quite appealing. […]