Product News: Lime Light Announces Advanced Analytics Functionality

Lime Light is the leading continuity commerce platform, enabling subscription ecommerce and performance marketing for online merchants. Today, the Company announced the launch of Analytics, its integrated business intelligence suite.  Analytics business dashboards are built from over 200 business metrics, and extensive multidimensional filters allowing clients to focus on Campaigns, Channels, Verticals, Products, and Affiliates, across any date range either individually or in groups.  This comprehensive reporting tool allows Lime Light’s ecommerce business clients to fully analyze their business without having to rely on 3rd Party add-ons or teams of analysts.

“Having analyzed literally billions of dollars of ecommerce transactions, we built Analytics around the key performance metrics that our customers need to grow faster and more intelligently.” said Brad Primavera, CPO of Lime Light, “Our formula for revenue growth combines optimized subscription rebilling, transaction management and performance marketing. We call this Continuity Commerce.”

lime light analytics Lime Light Analytics Advanced Functionality Dashboard

Lime Light Analytics provides enterprise-class business intelligence built for cloud scalability.  Out of the box, merchants and advertisers can clearly understand overall business health such as customer churn, customer lifetime value, and profit & loss reporting.  Additionally, Analytics arrays all information required to assess traffic sources through sophisticated affiliate quality calculations clearly and provides complex metrics to manage refund rates, merchant chargebacks and overall marketing spend.

“Lime Light has always been the best out there, now with Analytics, there’s no comparison. With Analytics I no longer need to run reports by hand via spreadsheets or 3rd party platforms. I have everything I need inside Lime Light presented in clear, accurate, understandable Dashboards. I trust in the data as it rolls up directly from my business. I can now very quickly fine-tune and tweak my campaigns. With Lime Light Analytics, I can make better decisions, extracting as much profitability as possible from my business”.

-Pete Stagl, CEO, Offersmith, LLC

About Lime Light: Lime Light cloud platform enables ecommerce merchants and advertisers to exponentially grow revenue by combining ecommerce subscription rebilling with performance marketing. We call this combination “Continuity Commerce”. Businesses on Lime Light can maximize successful rebilling transactions and manage customer churn while handling the high transaction loads and unique risk characteristics of affiliate marketing. The platform manages and balances chargeback risk, fraud, multi-country, multi-currency and transaction load balancing that enables businesses to engineer growth.

Lime Light provides access to over 300 out-of-the-box integrations to all aspects of the ecommerce value chain including fulfillment providers, anti-fraud, chargebacks, collections, data verification, email autoresponders, membership providers, payment gateways and tax accounting.Through integrating with the Lime Light ecosystem of providers, clients can automate daily tasks, and present business analytics specifically tuned to Continuity Commerce., Lime Light makes engineering revenue growth, acquiring new customers base, delivering products and managing fraud, churn and chargebacks easier and more profitable.  

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